Embrace Your Inner Artist Ways with These Alternatives for Decorating Easter Eggs

Whether you have children or not, Easter morning is typically celebrated with a basket of beautiful eggs. With the novel coronavirus, there have been the craziest shortages, however. So, if food dye is not readily available or you’re unable to make it to the store, it’s time to get resourceful, which can be an artistic adventure all on its own.

Do you have nuts in the pantry of your apartment home? What about extra wrapping paper, stationery, or unwanted silk scarves? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, then you're in luck because you have everything that you need on-hand to craft your own decorated Easter eggs – all without the usual, cumbersome dyes.

Beans, Rice, and Nuts

What do you get when you mix kidney beans, popcorn kernels, barley, or chickpeas with a pop of craft paint? Egg dye! Pour leftovers of these grains, beans, or nuts into a paper bag with some color, add your egg, and give it a gentle shake, and you’ll have your very own makeshift food dye in no time at all.

Silk Ties and Scarves

If your closet needs some organization, upcycle your unused accessories instead of tossing them out! With a little bit of effort, you can easily transfer the bright colors and patterns found in pure-silk fabric onto eggshells. In fact, it works like magic simply by dipping silk into a boiling vinegar bath. Voila!

Gift Wrapping Paper and Stationery

Wrapping paper, lightweight card stock, and stationery — what do they have in common, exactly? Well, all three of these items can be shredded and gently decoupaged onto eggs. Mix and match prints and colors with no particular theme in mind, or coordinate them with your home décor – it’s all in good fun!

Glitter and Foil

If you’re interested in the art of glitter – yes, we said art – brush craft glue onto an egg, then gently set it in a bowl of glitter. Continue to spoon glitter over it and cover the entire surface. To foil, on the other hand, brush an egg with copper or gold leaf. Either look is gorgeous and worthy of the holiday!

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