Ready for Some Serious Gains? Here Are Workout Trends That You Can Take Part In

Keeping fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, has never been more of a paramount concern than it has been during the pandemic. In Spring 2020, the majority of us were confined to our apartments homes to work and play after local governments enforced their set of lockdown restrictions. As result, we took to transforming our living rooms and bedrooms into our very own at-home gyms, complete with jump ropes, yoga mats, and dumbbells.

As the months of lockdown, restrictions have continued, people have used these impromptu workouts, which are now a regular part of their routines, to fill their spare time and find a new work/life balance. In that time, a lot of new fitness trends have bubbled to the surface. Here are the major 3 players that we at The Link, the premier apartments in West Houston, are noticing in 2021:

Online Classes

Many people have turned to online classes to maintain their normal fitness regimen during the pandemic. So, there’s no doubt that online classes have been a lifeline for our mental and physical health. Better yet, the standard and production value of online classes has massively improved, meaning working out at home is a much more enjoyable experience. Plus, the variety has expanded, so you can find classes in yoga, barre, strength training, dance cardio, and so much more. There also might be membership incentives available, if you join a particular group or gym, as well!

Outdoor Walks

While at-home workouts might have seen a growth in popularity, so has walking and hiking in the great outdoors. For many of us, weekends without social plans resulted in daily walks around our local areas, whether it involved a socially distanced catch-up with a friend in the park or a lengthier, backpacking ramble through the countryside. In fact, walking outside is one of the best ways to enjoy low-impact fitness in nature and escape the mundane 9-5 home office, while also giving your mental health a boost. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend adding it to your routine.

Quick-fire workouts

With attention spans and work schedules more maxed out than ever before, it’s no wonder people are continuing to desire workouts in micro-sized bites. The rising popularity of micro-HIIT workouts, in particular, can be seen on apps, such as the 7 Minute Workout Challenge and Fiit, which offer workouts as short as 10-minutes. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, consists of timed circuits of movements and rest that are meant to drive up your heart rate for the ultimate burn. These multimodal workouts combine both strength and cardio and can use either equipment or body weight!

The one thing that you should never sacrifice is your health and well-being. Check out The Link, which boasts 2 bedroom apartments in Houston, the latest roster of recipes, recommendations, and more that can enhance your lifestyle and make you feel unstoppable!

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