Learn How to Step Away From Social Media When Needed with These 4 Tips

The world has never been more connected than it is through the online sphere. No matter where you are in the world, you can send a message to anyone elsewhere, as long as you both have a steady Internet connection. The Internet and all its interconnected devices have been especially helpful during the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has left many unable to meet in-person with their loved ones for regular social gatherings. Because of these obstacles, we have grown increasingly dependent upon technology, particularly social media, to remain in touch with the world around us. Looking for a way to lower screen time, and in turn, your social media usage? Check out our 4 tips below!

Eliminate Gadgets for One Hour Before Sleep and After Wake Up.

You should spend the first hour of your day setting your own agenda for what lies ahead. When you wake up, you can meditate, solidify your to-do list, and connect with yourself before tackling the day ahead. Likewise, you should also devote the last hour of your day to resting your body, mind, and spirit. In the evening, checking your social media profiles before going to bed only stands to reawaken your brain with blue light and busy-minded social media updates that can surely wait until the next day.

Turn Off All Your Push Notifications.

Not only does turning off your push notifications only save your battery life, but it will also prevent a lot of unnecessary distractions. Turn off all your push notifications from email, text messages, and social media applications, and you’ll experience a world of difference right off the bat. If the matter is truly urgent, the person on the other end of the line can always give you a call to discuss the matter with you. Otherwise, all the other noise can wait until later on.

Use Only One Device for Checking Social Media.

Facebook on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and wearable – it seems a bit overwhelming, to say the least. The more devices you have that can log in to your social media profiles, the more distractions you have to avoid. This behavior can be especially damaging to your focus and productivity. Instead, try to designate a single device for your social media usage. This will help you condition your mind that a particular device is for fun, while all others are tools for accomplishing important tasks.

Give Yourself a Specific Time Window Each Day to Connect.

Being connected through social media is really a must in this technology-driven world, but it’s important to do within moderation. Set a time limit for social media usage. Think of it this way – you do the same for your children and their screen time, so why not hold yourself to the same standard? Otherwise, you only stand to waste precious hours! Give yourself approximately thirty to sixty minutes per day to check notifications, accept friend requests, and respond to comments, and you will feel more than satisfied.

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