These 5 Meat Delivery Services Will Leave You Hungry for More

Even living in a city as great as Houston, not everyone has a high-quality neighborhood butcher right around the corner, or a weekly farmer’s market with the best products from the area’s local farms. Over the past 20 years, people have also become more attuned as to what they put in their bodies, often choosing more artisanal sources, who can tell the consumers exactly how the animal lived before it made its way to their plate. Hey, facts are facts—happy animals just taste better.

The most logical solution to your dilemma would be to invest in a meat delivery box, which would land on your doorstep after a few clicks and completed online order. Pretty, awesome, right? If you’re unsure of the box that offers the best quality, price, and customer service, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our list of favorites:

• Porter Road- Porter Road only sells meat that’s pasture-raised with no hormones or antibiotics. Bundles, ranging between 60 to 90-dollars, come with a variety of meats straight from the farm to your kitchen table.

• Grass Roots Farmer’s Cooperative- This meat subscription box prides itself on its small-batch production and farmer-owned status, boasting numerous cuts of pork, beef, and chicken that are independently priced.

• Crowd Cow- Crowd Cow goes beyond pork, beef, and chicken, even offering a wide range of fish and seafood. Wild Maine lobster, filet mignon, and wild blue Mexican shrimp, this box will never steer you wrong and keep you plenty satisfied.

• Greensbury- The best thing about Greensbury? All of the meat from this vendor is certified organic, so you know it has to pass rigorous qualifications before making its way to your plate. Whether you choose individual cuts or the family pack for $114.99, you cannot go wrong.

• Heritage Farms- Chicken, chicken—which cut are you pickin’? The last subscription box on our list, Heritage Farms, features all types of meat cuts, even goat and lamb! But, they are, perhaps, best known for their poultry, like chicken, turkey, duck, and guinea fowl.

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